It suddenly dawned on me to search the Mozilla Add-ons page to see if  an old favorite extension had been updated for Firefox 2. To my delight I found Colorzilla right away.  It was easily downloaded and a new background color found for this blog.  I have also taken some time to explore the website belonging to its’ developer Alex Sirota. It has a lot to see and explore. For the present I chose to limit myself to reading the section about Colorzilla.

In the middle of doing this, I took the time to change the background color of this blog using the Colorzilla tool. It looks much better to me and will probably remain here for quite a while.

Changes are taking place slowly here. This is due to time limitations and other commitments.


Firefox Add-ons

While working on the Links after my last post, I realized there was something not said. My family has been using Firefox as its internet browser for a little less than a year. Some of the resources being used to change the appearance of this blog are Firefox Add-ons.  There might be similar tools for other browsers, but I don’t know about them. My hunch is that  Google or another search engine  could locate them if they exist.