Color Changes

Today was interesting. I learned how to change the colors on all of the fonts on this sight.   In my opinion, at the moment they are a bit garish to say the least. The color of this font is a bit bland. These are not permanent colors by any means. I even figured out, accidentally how to change the color of links when the mouse pointer hovers over them.

One of the best parts about learning to do this is that I had just written a note to the CSS forum asking for help. Before submitting it I decided to take one more look at the printed copy of the Stylesheet for this font.  I changed a number in a spot not previously tried. It had the effect of changing the colors of the titles of Pages, Blogroll categories, Blog Stats,  Archives, widget title and Credits.  That was serendipitous learning at its best.

The post to the CSS forum was deleted.


New Blog

I have re-arranged the way I am blogging. Some older blogs have been deleted and replaced by this one. This one will be updated as time allows.

One of my goals for this blog is to add links to and write articles about favorite places to visit, both on and off line. Because life in my part of the world is busy additions to this blog might only be in the form of additions to  links and other aspects of the side bar.